January, 2013

Are You Covered?

One of the sad things about our medical insurance is that it typically does not cover massage therapy.  Acupuncture is now mostly covered, and so is chiropractic care.  Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that massage promotes wellness, insurance companies generally do not cover it (except, sometimes as part of an auto insurance claim).

But that may be changing.  A provision in the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) prohibits insurers from discriminating against health care practitioners when it comes to their participation in plans and in their services’ being covered.  And this includes complementary health care providers.

I’m thrilled that this may change, as many clients whom I see, say, once a quarter would get regular massage if insurance covered it.  Let’s face it: massage is not inexpensive.  (Neither is a doctor’s visit when you pay out-of-pocket.)

So, if you have the opportunity, please lend your voice to ensure that complementary and alternative care is covered beginning in 2014!

Read the article in Massage Magazine.

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