January, 2014

Coughing Up a Lung?


You know that cough at the end of a cold or flu? That hacking, never-ending, Calgon-take-me-away kind of cough? Yes, I got it.

But essential oils can really help. What to look for are oils that are decongestant and expectorant to get the stuff up and out. But also consider an oil with strong anti-spasmodic properties to help with that lung/chest spasm.

My new “go to” oils for this bout have been Eucalyptus dives and spike lavender. The eucalyptus handles the congestion and opens up the airways, and the lavender is a strong anti-spasmodic.

The two oils go in the diffuser, and ahhhhh… Calmer lungs. Of course, you gotta take care of the rest, too, like getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids (tea w/honey is great!), and all of the other things one does to take care of oneself.

Can you hack it?

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