February, 2014

Should I Exercise with a Cold?


I got one of those colds that doesn’t seem to end and was out of the gym for 10 days. “When, oh, when can I get back to exercising?” I cried. But I kept coughing and coughing.

Today I went back, determined to work out no matter what. And you know what? It felt great. I coughed here and there, but I figured I’d be coughing at home, too. Now, home and resting, I feel GREAT.

So, the question is, “When should you let a cold stop you from exercising?”

Our friends at WebMD have something to say about. 1) If you have a fever, don’t work out. Your body is already working, so don’t tax it further. 2) If you’re coughing up gross stuff (like dark stuff…sorry), probably not a good idea.

Common theory has been that if your cold is from the neck up, go ahead. If your cold is below the neck (i.e. in your chest), give it a rest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to stretch.

Check out the WebMD article here.

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