January, 2014

Face Cleansing: Less is More

Young man enjoying a shower

Enjoying a bout of serious rosacea several years ago, I visited a dermatologist, who told me, “Less is more.” He recommended that I not scrub my face until it was squeaky clean. Rather, he suggested, just let the water of the shower and a tiny bit of shampoo from my hair drizzle down my face. That’s it.

This was one of the best lessons I ever learned about skin care. Since then I have ditched the cleansers that make my face “squeak.” I look for gentle cleansing, even using an unscented, organic castile soap in rotation with other gentle cleansers. I also use the oil cleansing method sometimes for a boost of moisture.

A while back I gave the “less is more” suggestion to a relative, and he had great results. Plagued with oily skin and blemishes, he came back to me a couple of weeks later with beautifully clear skin.

So, take it from the actors: Less really IS more.


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