February, 2013

Lavender Not Estrogenic!

Copy of iStock_000001035133XSmallAt last! We can use lavender without fear of gynecomastia! For a long time it was thought that lavender essential oil mimicked estrogen or enhanced the body’s own estrogen production. In short, lavender was deemed a “hormone disruptor.” In 2007 a study showed some estrogenic activity, and — despite several rebuttals — this has been the common thought since then.

But a recent study has finally put this thinking to rest. Lavender is not estrogenic, even at 5,000 times greater the normal expected exposure.

So breathe it in and let your skin and body enjoy all of the wonderful therapeutic properties of the wonder that is lavender!  –And while we’re at it: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Read Robert Tisserand’s blog on this topic here.

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