April, 2013

No Pain, Gain!

iStock_000008324380XSmallSomebody told people that for their massage to be effective, they have to endure excruciating pain. This is absolutely false.

There is a line between “good pain” and “bad pain.” True, sometimes the breakup of adhesions can be painful. But I have seen my fair share of clients who absolutely refuse to tell me that they are in agony. The breath quickens, lips tighten, jaws clench, as they wince with pain.

Don’t do it! Let your therapist know if the pressure has crossed the line. We know how to pull back just enough to land in that “good pain” zone, and regular communication is key to effective treatment.

Remember: This is not a contest of pain and austerities!

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Yes Patrick!

This is true of Acupuncture as well. Most times we are trying to release holding patterns. So holding while the treatment is administered is in effect locking it in place! Finding the places of discomfort, discussing them, breathing into them, and working through them is very different and the way to go! Nice article.