January, 2014

Reflexology: The Real Deal


I have been working out hard for the past few months, and today my lower back was a little stiff and painful. Not terrible, but annoying like you get after some heavy deadlifts.

Now, I LOVE getting my feet massaged. There is absolutely nothing like it for me. But I had always been a little skeptical about the connection from the feet to the rest of the body. I believed it in theory, but in practice…not so much.

This evening I had a reflexology session by the wonderful Carmen at Angel Feet in NYC. She asked what concerns I might have, and I told her I felt great except for my lower back.

WELL, after a blissful hour (dozing off here and there), I walked out of there with no pain in my back! I still can’t believe it. So, folks, I’m here to tell you that reflexology is the real deal!

(And Angel Feet is the place to get it!)

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