January, 2014

Tea Ritual: Mug or Teapot?

Do use a teapot, or do you go for a tea bag in a mug? Do you use loose leaf tea? A bag on a string or free floating?

My friend and colleague, Christine Bokhour, and her husband gave me a Teaposy teapot last year, and my tea life has changed forever.

I used to throw a tea bag into a mug, dump hot water on it, and call it a cup of tea. But creating a pot of tea has slowed me down, allowed me to take some time to be in the moment. I enjoy selecting the tea I’m going to prepare. Will it be a lively peppermint to soothe my stomach? A green blend to purify and boost my health? A chamomile to calm my senses?

When my tea is ready, I appreciate the tea cup (no more mug) into which I pour the blend. A jewel of a drink, prepared with care. And a moment to myself.

Okay, I wax poetic. But isn’t it better than gulping down some bitter swill as you race to the next thing on your to-do list?

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